I got the phone from Child Haven in August 2022. The lady replied, “we have a little girl that is 1 ½. Are you able to take her?

I had just come back to the office to wrap up on a site visit, from working in the field, when I got this call. I did not think that I would be receiving a child that week, so I still had a lot of my home décor up that was not made for a 2 year old to play with. I had my beautiful rose petals on my 3 tier television stand as well as on my 2 tier kitchen table. I used the red rose pedals to tie into my red Asian silk folding fans on the wall. I still had my glass tables that I bought as a set of 4. There were 3 tables that were in my living room and one in the kitchen, which was my kitchen table. I had my table center pieces still on my glass coffee table. This home was not design for a 2 year old, yet. Fast forward about 6 months later, I had to learn how to keep a comfortable living space and a clean house with my toddler. With so many home visit that I received for her, I had to also learn how to clean as I go, if you will. I had to make decisions on what art pieces in the house could stay out and what had to be placed away.

Here is my advice that I can give with having a 2 year old:

1.Clean as you go

2. Keep any home décor that can be broken easily out of the reach of the child

3. Teach your toddler how to clean up behind themselves

4. Keep toys to a certain amount and switch them out from time to time with other toys

5. Decorate you house where you and the toddler are comfortable

As parents, we have to make sacrifices when we have our kids. My sacrifice just so happened to be my home décor. I put away my rose pedals and my Asian silk fans. I also made the decision to take away my center pieces on my tables. I now change out her toys regularly as well instead of putting them all out for her to play with. Cleaning the kitchen as I cook, has become a regular habit of mine that I have implemented as well. Using model cleaning for my toddler has helped her to get the idea of how to clean as well. The home is now designed for both a child friendly space as well as a comfortable space for me. I hope these were helpful tips. – Blog by Foster Change member “JV Player”