February 2023 Blog Post Shared By “Mom Again”

Feet hurt, ankles hurt, and sleepless nights really hurt!

Another appointment, another drive to daycare, another virus keeping him at home from daycare. Another new treatment, and another health need discovery.


Another smile peaking at us over the crib railing at 7 a.m. Another new skill learned, like shaking his head “No”, all the while grinnin’ with those two front bottom teeth. Another handclap, when we say, “clap, clap, clap.” Cruising around the cabinets at record speed; when did he learn that? Another cry at the progress. Another cute nickname, another snuggle, and another child I’ve fallen in love with that will once again, call me “Mom.”

Not because it always goes that way, but because this time, it did.

Another amazing step in life that I never would have imagined I’d take, with all my adult children grown and gone. Even in the missing them, even in the newness of life, even in the unexpected life-changes, I find myself, “Mom” again. I might be tired sometimes, but I’m not alone. I have love to give, and his progress shows it works. We love our new little person. We’ve found strength in the realization that in all the wearying moments, that is what many parents do. So, we’re not so “strange” to be doing this after-all. We shudder to think where he might be had we not taken the step. What great things will he do in life? We wait to see. Not the end of a road, but just another turn to the next journey.

We’re not unrealistic. We’re just Moms again!