About Us

Caring for a child is one of the most important things a person can do. Caring for a child who is not your own requires a special kind of dedication. There are many children in Southern Nevada who are unable to remain in their homes. Families who open their homes and hearts to these children are committed to improving their lives and their futures. Foster Change is committed to those families.

Foster Change from Black Raven Films on Vimeo.


Foster Change is committed to the empowerment of all foster and adoptive families. We want a system that produces happy, healthy children in happy, healthy families.


Foster Change was founded in 2016 by the directors of Fostering Southern Nevada, Foster Kinship, The Foster and Adoptive Coalition, and Foster Connect in partnership with the Clark County Quality Parenting Initiative . Foster Change acts as an umbrella organization connecting the important work of individual organizations and works to provide a unified voice for families and children.