Welcome to the Visual Inventory of our Foster Change Lending Library. This page will serve as way to keep you aware of what titles Foster Change owns. We are SO pleased to be able to offer this valuable resource to our Foster Change members FOR FREE! We believe that information is power and that being an informed parent, grandparent, or family member, and an empowered and self aware youth is a huge advantage in achieving wellness. Please use and enjoy and empower yourselves!

Check In/Out Policy:

Members are allowed to check out two adult books and two children’s book at a time (per family.) Once they are returned and have been checked in, in satisfactory condition, the borrower may check more out, immediately. We ask that books are returned within 4 weeks. If a book is lost or damaged, we ask that the borrower replace it or donate the cost of the book so that we can replace it. If books are never returned or replaced, the borrower will not be able to use the Lending Library moving forward.

The Foster Change Lending Library will be housed at 3925 W. Cheyenne Ave, Suite 401 North Las Vegas, NV 89032. You may pop in to check out books anytime the office is open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am to 9pm and Friday and Saturday from 8am to 6pm. The offices are closed on Sunday and Monday. If you have questions about specific open hours, please call (702)546-9988. You WILL need your Foster Change Member number to check out so if you are unsure of your number, email cindy@fosterchangecc.org or call (702)970-4546.

This page will NOT be used as a way to show currently checked in vs checked out books, so members will need to call to confirm before driving to the Lending Library to check out a title, if ONLY interested in a specific title.