Car Seat Class

Did you know Foster Change has nationally certified child passenger safety technicians who offer car seat education and provide car seat checks and assistance with car seat installs in Las Vegas? We are passionate about ensuring your children are as safe as possible with you, and one easy thing to do is ensure that their car seat or booster seat is installed and used properly!

Foster Change’s car seat class and installation checks are available free for members! This will satisfy the car seat education requirement for DFS Foster Parent licensing.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering classes online. There are two parts: 1. Online education and 2. In-person install check with a CPST.  Once you have passed the online education portion, you will be contacted to schedule the in person installation check.

Car Seat Safety Tips:

Selecting the right car seat:

Check to see if your car seat has been recalled:

Ensure correct installation of your car seat or booster seat:

Review A Parent’s Guide to Playing it Safe with Kids and Cars 

Learn when your child is ready to transition to a seatbelt (it’s later than you might think!)